Mr and Mrs Smalley – June 2019

Venue- Melton Mowbray Council Offices

Bride and Groom, Leanda and Matt were after a few hours of photography to document their wedding day. Myself and my second shooter Ben provided half a day coverage, This was enough time to get all the good stuff and allow the Bride and Groom to fully relax camera free at the reception.

The couple had amazing budgeting skills and decided to go down the small and intimate route. Using Amazon for the Bridesmaids dresses and going for the suit hire option to keep costs down, this couple were all about the DIY elements that I personally think make a wedding so special.

My favourite piece from their day had to be the lego bride and groom cake topper!. This was brought directly from the Lego store and the couple had it customised to fit their wedding colours and their likeness. Things like this are  a perfect way for the couple to inject some personality into their wedding day and get guests talking.

The couple also saved money further by having the Groom’s mum offer to hand make their wedding cake. I personally think she did an amazing job. Looking at this cake I can only guess that it must of tasted amazing.

Big thanks to the Groom for sending me this cake photo!

I have said it many times and will continue to say it, you don’t have to spend  £10,000 and over to have your dream day. We can all relate to the feeling that money appears and disappears just as fast. So I’m really loving the DIY wedding alternatives that couples are coming up with now.

If you’re planning your day and thinking of going down the DIY route. Type in DIY Wedding Ideas into Pinterest and you’ll be amazed at how many couples work with what they have and end up with amazing results.

Now I have waffled enough, So sit back and relax with your favourite drink and enjoy the photos of Mr and Mrs Smalley.